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Compensation pared to maintain employer's viability

The FWC has substantially reduced the compensation payout to an underpaid sacked 457 visa worker because ordering a larger amount might have threatened his employer's viability.

Compensation awarded for sacking distress "beyond usual level"

An Aboriginal corporation has been ordered to pay total compensation of $67,503 to three cultural heritage field officers sacked after failing to prove ancestral connections, including $15,000 in general damages for "emotional upset".

Labour supplier rapped over sacking at client's request

In a case alerting labour hire companies to the dangers of carrying out dismissals at a client's behest, the FWC has opened the way for a casual labour hire mine worker to seek reinstatement after WorkPac took a directive to remove her as "a fait accompli".

Record fine against recalcitrant director

A business owner has been hit with a record $125,000 penalty over his company's failure to pay FWC-awarded compensation to an unfairly sacked former employee.

Direction to work with "volatile" supervisor unreasonable: FWC

The FWC has criticised an employer for directing a worker to manage her relationship with a "predictably volatile" supervisor, finding she was unfairly dismissed in the wake of a "screaming match" and ordering her reinstatement.

Lack of HR expertise didn't excuse "shoddy" dismissal

A restaurant that required a chef to work more than 20 unpaid hours a week and summarily sacked him when he sought to pare it back and take leave was "blissfully unaware" of its award obligations, the FWC has found.

HR manager's "predetermined view" made sacking harsh: FWC

In an instructive case on managing conflicts of interest, the FWC has found a money management company had a valid reason to sack a budget specialist who failed to disclose his casino visit to stop a client and friend from blowing his inheritance, but an HR manager's actions rendered it harsh.