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Dispute defying "front bar" logic, but MUA avoids bargaining order

The FWC has declined to issue bargaining orders against the MUA for its conduct in negotiations with offshore oil and gas vessel operators, despite finding it misrepresented the employers' position, played "fast and loose with the truth" and behaved in a manner that raised questions about whether it was genuinely trying to make replacement agreements.

Thursday deadline set for Heydon Commission

Under arrangements agreed to today between lawyers acting for the ACTU and counsel assisting the inquiry, unions will have until 2pm this Thursday to file written submissions, if they want to continue with the application to have Commissioner Heydon disqualified from presiding over the Royal Commission.

Hutchison's consultation inadequate, MUA claims

The MUA told an interlocutory hearing in Brisbane today that stevedore Hutchison should reinstate 97 workers from its Port Botany and Brisbane container terminals, because the company had breached its agreement when it engaged in tokenistic rather than substantive consultation with its workforce.

Unions plan national weekend door-knock on penalty rates

The ACTU is seeking to build opposition to cutting weekend penalty rates through a mass door-knock in marginal seats across Australia in mid-September, while employer associations are pushing crossbench senators to back the Government's bill to re-establish the ABCC.

High Court rejects CFMEU's bid to oust tort of intimidation

The High Court has refused the CFMEU special leave to challenge last year's Victorian Court of Appeal finding that the Boral group could rely on the tort of intimidation to recover millions in damages for concrete supply bans.

Unions commit to $13m political campaign fund

The ACTU’s Congress has today endorsed a three-year, $13 million political campaign strategy will use unexploited seams of “gold” data held by unions, combined with boots on the ground in 35 marginal seats.

Unions must adapt to digital economy: ACTU

ACTU secretary Dave Oliver has warned that unions have to adapt to the challenges thrown up by the digital economy to avoid a "Kodak moment".