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"Bullying" was reasonable management action, says FWC

The Fair Work Commission has rejected a long-serving employee's bullying claim, after accepting that her employer took reasonable management action when it performance-managed her after she resisted changes to workplace practices.

No anti-bullying order after employer reforms behaviour

The FWC has declined to make an order against a radiology company found to have bullied an employee, saying its recent "careful attention to procedural fairness" made it unlikely its conduct would continue.

Full bench upholds "no bullying" finding

A senior public servant has lost his challenge to a Fair Work Commission finding that his department was performance-managing rather than bullying him.

NSW Labor vows to fill bullying "gap"

NSW Labor will introduce new anti-bullying laws to complement, and possibly enhance, the federal scheme, if it wins Saturday's state election.

FWC outlines key cases in anti-bullying regime

The head of the Fair Work Commission's anti-bullying panel has highlighted the key cases in the new jurisdiction's first year, and revealed that many employers are failing to follow their own internal procedures when dealing with bullying complaints.

Employers to enlist ACCC in 2015: Freehills

A major employer-clientele law firm is predicting that unions will become more aggressive in their pursuit of wage and job security claims this year, and that employers will respond in kind by seeking to unilaterally end bargaining negotiations and turning to regulators like the ACCC.

Lawyer's bullying case thrown out

A bank's management of an under-performing lawyer fell short of "the best human resources practice" and was not "entirely beyond criticism", but did not constitute bullying under the Fair Work Act, a senior member of the Fair Work Commission has ruled.

Heavy-handed treatment not bullying: FWC

The Fair Work Commission has ruled that a childcare worker who received "heavy handed" treatment from her boss and intolerance and low-level anger from a colleague was not bullied under the Fair Work Act, but has recommended that the employer improve its performance management process.