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Judge roasts "battleship in full steam" ABCC

The Federal Court has today imposed $100,000 in fines and costs on the CFMMEU and a delegate who stopped work on a construction site due to safety concerns, but has criticised the ABCC for "over-egging" its case and of having "difficulty turning", like "a battleship in full steam" when it learned that the facts had changed.

AMWU rules don't cover BHP OS trainees: FWC

The FWC has thrown out a bid by the AMWU to enter the BHP OS training facility near Mackay to hold discussions with about 150 maintenance trainees, finding the union's coverage rule for fitters and engineering trades doesn't extend to the "caterpillar" trainees until they become maintenance associate "butterflies".

Bargained private sector wages flatlining: Trends report

Bargained wage rises in the private sector show little sign of pushing towards the "materially higher" benchmark set by the RBA, growing at 2.6% for the second quarter in a row, while public sector bargaining collapsed.

Make pay rises unconditional, bench tells CBA

The Commonwealth Bank must give an undertaking to deliver unconditional pay rises for all workers covered by a new agreement to secure the FWC's approval, after its HR chief inaccurately stated while selling the deal they would be "guaranteed".

High Court poo-poos ABCC bid to revive privy-protest penalties

The High Court has this morning refused the ABCC special leave to challenge a full Federal Court's reversal of penalties imposed on two CFMMEU officials for leading a walk-out from a building site that had no separate toilet for a female worker, while it also denied special leave for a case about class action common fund orders.

Change award to curb "excessive litigation": Bench

An FWC full bench, in overturning a finding that the engineers, scientists and IT professionals award does not apply to an LNG consultant, has suggested reviewing its coverage provisions after "excessive litigation" to establish whether it covers unfair dismissal applicants.

Too much left out of Jenkins response: ACTU

The ACTU has labelled the Morrison Government's legislation arising from the Respect@Work report a "missed opportunity" to deal with sexual harassment and violence at work.

Bill empowers FWC to make anti-harassment orders

The Fair Work Commission will be able to make a "stop sexual harassment order" after a single incident under legislation introduced today to implement some of the recommendations from Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins' Respect@Work report.

Government introduces Respect@Work legislative changes

The Morrison Government has today introduced legislation into the Senate that amends the Fair Work Act and Sex Discrimination Act to respond to Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins' landmark Respect@Work report, which includes two days paid compassionate leave for workers who suffer miscarriages.