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No recusal for FWC member after "something fishy" claim

A senior FWC member has declined to step aside from hearing a resuscitated case involving the Commission's own email fail, covert recordings, a threat to kill and an alleged extortion attempt.

Tribunal chips "point-scoring" lawyers

The FWC has criticised the lawyers of an unfair dismissal applicant and his former employer for "point scoring" conduct falling foul of professional conduct rules, while rejecting the latter's costs bid and claim it did not sack the worker despite announcing his redundancy.

ACCC's union cartel case collapses

The ACCC's criminal cartel case against the CFMMEU and its ACT construction and general division branch secretary Jason O'Mara has been withdrawn by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

Lockdown did not undermine in-person vote on deal: FWC

The FWC has called out a union bargaining representative for his "unexplained" change of heart about in-person voting for a new deal occurring during a COVID-19 lockdown, noting that his opposition only surfaced after the non-appearance of two holidaying workers helped it get up by a slim margin.

Prior conduct fines could worsen breaches, union tells High Court

The CFMMEU has told the High Court an ABCC appeal raises the prospect of "double punishment" by inflicting maximum penalties for even minor contraventions based on past recidivism, with a risk that it could encourage contravenors to commit more serious breaches.

$2m adverse action case puts uni tenures under microscope

An academic's $2 million adverse action case against a university's HR department has been transferred to the Federal Court, a judge observing that its outcome has "significant" implications for the tertiary sector's ability to scrap tenured positions funded by endowments.