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Employer negotiated "minefield" of hiring ex-cons: FWC

The FWC has acknowledged the "minefield" faced by employers hiring workers with criminal records, in a decision upholding a supermarket chain's dismissal of an employee who objected to working alongside a s-x offender.

Bribery accusation potentially criminal, warns FWC

A FWC member has warned a hotel quarantine worker that he might have committed a criminal offence by accusing her of colluding with Victoria's health department and claiming it offered her a bribe to reject his general protections claim.

Unvaxxed worker wins extension after solicitor's mea culpa

The FWC has commended a young solicitor's "candour" in admitting to having fumbled the unfair dismissal application of an unvaccinated foster care worker told her temporary WFH arrangement could not be sustained.

FWC pulls plug on "organic" strike action

The FWC has brought the shutter down on protected industrial action at a smelter after determining that its "organic" nature gave the business little chance of safely preparing for its impact.

Unlawfully sacked worker not entitled to penalties: Court

An unlawfully sacked IT worker has missed out on $80,000 in fines levied against his former employer, because of his active involvement in a convoluted scheme designed to attract government research funding.

CFMMEU mining division resumes demerger bid

The CFMMEU's mining and energy division today renews its attempt to clear the way for a demerger ballot to break away from the rest of the union.