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SDA failed to act in sacked member's best interests: FWC

The FWC has today upbraided the SDA for its poor management of a conflict of interest at failed retailer Harris Scarfe, when the union's national executive decided to delay filing a member's unfair dismissal claim to avoid jeopardising the company's sale and preserve 1200 jobs.

Bad rap for "cowboy" boss HR couldn't corral

An HR manager unable to influence the "cowboy behaviour" of her employer has helped the FWC establish that he falsified an email to paint as a redundancy his sacking of a manager who complained about his brother.

Panel set to weigh bids to freeze or boost minimum

The FWC will today hold its final hearing in this year's minimum wage review, in which employers and unions are divided over whether the domestic economy has started to recover from the coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

Court stays prison term for Snapchat video

A court has stayed the imprisonment of an army cadet who posted an intimate video on Snapchat, finding numerous questions existed about whether he had been afforded a fair hearing by two military tribunals.

Judge refers "lawyer" to professional body

In awarding a cook $17,600 in underpayments, to be drawn from the bankrupt estate of her former employer, the Federal Court has also alerted the NSW Law Society that her representative held himself out as a lawyer and made improper threats.

FWC extends time after late emergence of evidence

A worker has who discovered evidence, two weeks after the deadline for lodging an unfair dismissal claim, that her redundancy might not be genuine, has won an extension of time.

Zombie deal paid for up to 55 hours a week: Merivale

Merivale has hit back at a class action's claims it underpaid thousands of salaried employees and others engaged under a pre-Fair Work "zombie" deal and is maintaining it can use overpayments to offset additional entitlements.

Probe led to MBAV abandoning elections exemption

The MBAV this year applied to revoke a 30-year-old exemption that enabled it to conduct its own elections, after an inquiry by the ROC into the conduct of the employer body's 2018 ballot.