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Technology "destroying" jobs under current policies, Senate told

A jobs guarantee and universal basic income are among the policies government must embrace if Australia is to avoid a technology-led march towards inferior low-paying jobs, a leading academic has told a Senate inquiry into the future of work.

Falling wages to "shock" workers, Senate inquiry told

Leading online jobs marketplace SEEK has told a Senate inquiry into the future of work that Australians face a "significant shock" as technological forces continue to drive wages down, while the Productivity Commission has warned that digital disruption might ultimately require the introduction of a universal basic income.

Low wages linked to declining industrial action: Research

The "near disappearance" of industrial action over recent decades is strongly correlated with the "deceleration" of wages growth, according to the new analysis released by the Centre for Future Work just days after the FWC halted the planned Sydney train strike.

Ross wants lengthy delay for next award review

FWC President Iain Ross is proposing to delay starting the next four-yearly review of awards that is due to begin "as soon as practicable" after January 1, but is seeking parties' views on the issue.

Labor wins penalty rates ploy in Senate, but loses key ally in House

Labor's audacious bid to restore penalty rates in the retail and hospitality sectors by piggy-backing one of the Federal Government's own IR bills fell at the first hurdle today, when rebel Nationals MP George Christensen indicated he could not support legislation that failed to protect businesses from back-pay claims.

SA passes labour hire licensing laws

South Australia's Weatherill Labor Government will continue to push for national laws regulating labour hire, even though the state this week passed its own laws.