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Full bench rejects "re-run" appeal over bullying dismissal

A nurse sacked for allegedly bullying and harassing colleagues after a workplace dispute has had her unfair dismissal appeal rejected because her claims were nothing more than a "re-run" of the original case, an FWC full bench has found.

FWC permits rare appeal in dismissal dispute

In a rare decision to permit an appeal in a dismissal dispute, an FWC full bench has concluded that a presidential member may have wrongly discounted a reason for the late submission of the appellant's original claim.

Worker loses job after bid to expose "biased" selection process

A public servant who unsuccessfully argued his employer took adverse action against him when it failed to promote him has had his unfair dismissal claim rejected after allegations emerged that he submitted a "dummy" job application to bolster his claims.

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; & more

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; Creative crane driver fails to win job back; FWC member showed no real or apparent bias, says bench; and Tribunal douses smoker's bid to win job back.