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I wouldn't be facing sack if female: Manager

A Viva Energy manager who claims a female colleague sexually harassed him after he took her back to his hotel room while she was intoxicated is accusing his employer of discriminating against him, as it would not consider sacking him if he was a woman.

Pandemic savings drove outsourcing move: Qantas

Qantas, in its challenge to a crucial recent Federal Court adverse action ruling, says its sole motivation for outsourcing the jobs of about 1700 ground crew was its lawful commercial reason of saving $100 million a year during a global pandemic.

NDIA not guilty of unlawful adverse action: Court

A court has held that a senior National Disability Insurance Agency HR and safety executive who accepted a "very significant financial inducement" to retire early had not been subjected to unlawful adverse action due to his alleged protected disclosures and employment disputes, finding him the "unfortunate victim of a restructure".

Employers demanding new hires are vaxed: Survey

The proportion of employers seeking new hires who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 is rising at a rapid rate, according to a survey of job advertising.

Compensation for manager sacked over unwelcome comments

The FWC has ordered compensation for a bottleshop manager held to have asked a customer "would you like a root hehehe receipt", finding his employer had no excuse for its "procedurally disastrous" sacking after accessing an employer organisation's IR advice.

Labour costs up, productivity down: ABS

Real unit labour costs have risen for the third quarter in a row, as coronavirus-driven reductions unwind, while private sector productivity has dropped for the second time in a year, according to ABS national accounts data released today.

KPMG, PwC show way on accountability

In what represents a significant development in corporate transparency, major accounting firms KPMG and PwC are disclosing bad workplace behaviours in reports taking inspiration from the World Economic Forum's "stakeholder capitalism" principles.

Rapid COVID-19 testing on rise, as outbreaks grow

Unions and employers are embracing the use of rapid antigen testing as it ramps up in some industries, but questions remain around cost, access, administration and how it should fit with other measures to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission at work.

COVID-19 ejection for 9400 workers, Qantas reveals

Qantas has today reported a massive coronavirus-driven net loss of about $1.7 billion for the 2020-21 financial year and has revealed it has now cut 9400 jobs - some 900 more than expected.