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Anti-bullying case against ETU in CUB dispute

The major labour hire company embroiled in the Carlton & United Breweries dispute in Melbourne has begun a novel anti-bullying case and general protections claim against the ETU.

FWC finds teacher bullied by principal

A Catholic school principal bullied a teacher when she misinformed her about the status of her long service leave request, directed her to participate in an induction for "new staff" after her return from leave and assigned her a mentor with less teaching experience, the FWC has found.

FWC rejects bullying case against energy company chief executive

The FWC has rejected bullying allegations against Essential Energy's chief executive officer, but has ordered the company to accept voluntary redundancy applications from two employees who brought the anti-bullying claim because the cost of keeping them on the books when there is no meaningful work is "irrational, absurd and ridiculous".

Qantas worker seeking anti-bullying order; and more

Qantas flight attendant seeks anti-bullying order; Federal Court grants Cash bid for Queensland Nickel special purpose liquidator; and 150-minute ballot gets FWC thumbs-up.

No "future risk" of bullying for dismissed worker

The FWC has rejected a marketing director's anti-bullying claim, finding her "election" to be "treated as being dismissed" in 2012 and her pursuit of an unfair dismissal claim, meant she was no longer an employee at risk of future bullying.

"Positive changes" ward off anti-bullying orders

The FWC has refused to issue anti-bullying orders against a high-profile Adelaide restaurant because it implemented positive measures to tackle unreasonable behaviour.