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Qantas makes first COVID-19 wage freeze agreement

Qantas has struck enterprise agreements covering about 450 regional pilots at Sunstate and Eastern, the first to be negotiated since it announced a two-year wage freeze in May as part of its COVID-19 recovery plan.

APS wages policy means "mystery" increases: CPSU

The CPSU has stepped up its criticism of the Morrison Government's public sector wages policy, saying it demands that workers sign up to "unknown" pay rises beyond the first year of new enterprise deals.

Strike threat for Australia's largest prison after deal spurned

In another test of public-private ventures, prison officers at the country's largest and newest correctional centre are considering striking after overwhelmingly rejecting what the CPSU called a "lowball" deal put forward by operator Serco Australia.

Guaranteed pay rises for all secures CBA deal approval

The FWC has signed off on a new deal for almost 50,000 Commonwealth Bank employees after the employer committed to delivering on the pre-vote impression that everyone would receive a pay rise.

VICT deal to convert casuals to perms: MUA

The MUA says a landmark four-year agreement deal at the Port of Melbourne's "robo-terminal" will lead to conversion of 75% of casual jobs to permanent roles and introduce new protections against outsourcing and contracting out.

Woolies rise maintains agreement obligations: Unions

Woolworths has confirmed it will pay the 2.5% minimum wage increase to employees from the first week of next month, avoiding a repeat of the dispute it had last year with retail unions over the timing of pay rises to workers in its supermarkets and Big W stores.

Full court rules increases payable until new deal sealed

Qube Logistics must backpay two 3% increases held to be payable until it re-negotiated a rail deal, after a full Federal Court today upheld a finding that re-negotiation takes place when an agreement comes into force rather than when bargaining begins.

Reduced public sector pay rises "not miserly": Pallas

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government will move to reduce average annual public sector wage increases from 3% to 2% in Thursday's State budget, spurring the AEU to strike a deal before the policy begins on January 1.

"Approve pay cut or lose your job" not coercion: FWC

A large catering contractor did not coerce its workers when it warned them they would lose their jobs and forgo severance if they failed to approve a pay cut for new employees, the FWC has found.