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Commission limits junior rates in retail award

An FWC full bench has decided to abolish junior rates in the Retail Award for all but the lowest three classification levels, with any submissions to be filed by next Tuesday opposing its provisional view that the variation should start in February.

Employers resist push to limit junior rates in retail sector

Employers have pushed back against the SDA's campaign to remove junior rates in the retail sector for all but the lowest of eight classifications, arguing it will "unambiguously" raise costs and slow promotions.

FWC members "lord it over all and sundry", says small business lobby

The head of the peak small business body has welcomed changes implemented by the Fair Work Commission's president, but is less keen on the tribunal's members, accusing them of failing to "take reality into account" on issues such as penalty rates and minimum hours for junior retail workers.

Coles agreement doesn't check out: FWC

The Fair Work Commission has asked Coles to make changes to its proposed supermarkets agreement, which covers about 75,000 retail workers, before it can pass the better-off-overall-test.

Coles extends coverage under new deal

Coles Supermarkets has for the first time included all non-salaried employees in its new national enterprise agreement, which will deliver 3% annual pay increases to more than 75,000 workers.

Abolish wage discounts for over-18s: Small business advocate

The Office of the Australian Small Business Commissioner is pushing for the full adult wage to be paid from the age of 18, questioning the rationale behind the IR system "deeming adulthood to commence at 21".