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Full court rules on leave test case

A full Federal Court has ruled today that a pair of 12-hour shift workers at a Cadbury chocolate factory are entitled to 10 calendar days of paid personal/carer's leave, rather than a lesser amount argued by their employer and the Federal IR Minister.

FWC rounds on HR model

The FWC has criticised a company for fundamental failures of due process in a dismissal overseen by its HR function and warned that treating workers as human resources runs the risk of ignoring that they are "easily damaged" human beings "and when faulty they should be handled with more care than machines".

Full court provides guidance on assistance to unrepresented parties

In a decision that canvasses how much assistance the FWC should provide to unrepresented parties, a full Federal Court has found an employer was not denied procedural fairness when the FWC dismissed an appeal notice that was more "diatribe" than pleading and didn't tell the employer to fix it.

Aurizon restructure to deliver $300m in cost reductions

Major rail freight operator Aurizon plans to cut about 800 jobs over three years as it seeks to deliver up to $300 million in gains under new enterprise agreements, which exclude what the company says are "legacy conditions".

Modern awards review greenlights accident make-up pay

A FWC full bench today agreed to include accident make-up pay in a number of modern awards as part of its four-yearly review and will provide employers with a seven-day window to make submissions on union proposals for an entitlement of up to 104 weeks of make-up pay.

Small bonus for FWO employees if they reduce absences

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James told a parliamentary committee today that her organisation is offering its workforce a pay rise of 1.25% over the next 12 months and 1% for each of the next two years, plus a 0.25% "unscheduled absence bonus" in the first year if sick leave can be reduced.