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Employment relationship not broken by resignation: FWC

A five-day hiatus between resigning from a fixed-term position and re-starting the same job on a casual basis did not break the minimum employment period necessary for a worker to challenge her dismissal, the FWC has found.

Queensland makes public sector employment more secure

In a significant development, Queensland's Palaszczuk Government has made permanent thousands of fixed-term employees, after conversion disputes started to bank up in the State Commission.

Bleak reception for suppression order attempt

A teacher has failed to suppress a recent ruling likening his unfair dismissal claim to the interminable case at the centre of Charles Dickens' acerbic Bleak House.

Iraqi consulate took unlawful adverse action: Court

Iraq's Sydney consulate took unlawful adverse action when it refused to renew the contracts of two locally-engaged interpreters who complained to the FWC about bullying and enquired with the FWO about non-payment of entitlements, a court has found.

Court backs rare Premier's challenge to tribunal ruling

A palliative care doctor given 10 minutes' notice that his three-year fixed-term contract was to be succeeded by a six-month contract immediately lost his right to have a tribunal review the new offer, Tasmania's Supreme Court has held.

Mental illness should have led judge to consider litigation guardian: Bench

A teacher claiming bullying "on a shocking scale" can proceed with his adverse action case after a full Federal Court found the lower court judge who dismissed the matter over mental health concerns failed to properly consider whether to appoint a litigation guardian.

IR practitioner not entitled to convert to permanency: FWC

The FWC has rejected an IR practitioner's bid to shift from casual to continuing employment, finding that even if he was eligible, his employer's agreement provided no implicit "right" to convert.

Consulates can't circumvent Australian IR laws: Court

An appeal by an Italian consulate over disputed annual leave and superannuation entitlements has failed after a court ruled it was not immune from proceedings brought under Australian law.

School's $150,000 fine for blocking union access, forging contracts

An independent Islamic school that hired more fixed-term teachers than permitted under the award and then tried to cover it up has been fined $150,000 by the Federal Court for unlawful practices, in one of the largest penalty decisions handed down against a school

Greens would provide right to request permanency

Casuals and workers on "rolling contracts" would have the right to ask their employer to convert them to permanent employment after 12 months, under a new policy released by the Greens today.