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FWC shines light on "shadow" lawyer

A senior FWC member has upbraided a seasoned IR lawyer for speaking to employees of his large casino client during an unfair dismissal hearing, after it had been denied external legal representation.

HR team member's advice slashes own redundancy

The FWC has slashed an HR employee's payout to zero after she "jumped the gun" and sought a reduced redundancy payment, having decided a post-maternity job offer was a demotion.

Two jobs don't add up to overtime: Court

In a significant decision on multi-hiring arrangements, a court has ruled that an Australia Post employee holding two "separate and distinct" part-time positions could not base overtime and other entitlements on combined hours.

FWC orders company to share commercially sensitive documents

The ASU and TWU have won access to sensitive internal documents held by aviation ground handlers Aerocare, despite the company arguing that a large number of the unions' members worked for competitors who would benefit from any insight into the algorithms behind its rostering system.

More part-time work, but not enough hours: RBA

Nearly half of all household services jobs are now part-time, fueling a trend that has seen part-time work increase more than threefold over the past 50 years, according to the RBA's latest quarterly Monetary Policy Statement.

Queensland to investigate "rogue" labour hire arrangements

A Queensland parliamentary inquiry will consider licensing and registration of labour hire companies as the state becomes the third jurisdiction to launch investigations into allegations of sham contracting and abuses of visa workers by labour suppliers.

Hatcher to lead casual conversion full bench

FWC Vice President Adam Hatcher will head up a full bench to deal with the ACTU's wide-ranging casual and part-time employment claims, as well as proposed employer variations, after Commission president Iain Ross accepted they were "common issues" across the modern awards that the tribunal is reviewing after four years of operation.