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Gig economy inquiry confirms need to "plug gaps"

The Victorian government says its soon-to-be-released inquiry into the on-demand workforce has provided the insights necessary to "plug gaps" and ensure gig workers enjoy safe conditions and fair pay.

Uber ruling underlines need for legislative fix: Academic

An FWC majority finding that an Uber delivery driver could not bring an unfair dismissal claim as she was an independent contractor highlights a need for legislative intervention to recognise that many gig workers are employees, says a leading employment law academic.

Gig work battle should harness "uncommitted 64%", says paper

Activists seeking to improve the pay and conditions of gig workers could potentially target the two-thirds of the public yet to use digital platforms, who have less favourable views than users, according to new university analysis that seeks to take consumers out of the "back seat".

Falling wages to "shock" workers, Senate inquiry told

Leading online jobs marketplace SEEK has told a Senate inquiry into the future of work that Australians face a "significant shock" as technological forces continue to drive wages down, while the Productivity Commission has warned that digital disruption might ultimately require the introduction of a universal basic income.

Labour productivity surging, says Treasury

Labour productivity grew at a higher average annual rate in the five years to 2015-16 than it did over the past 15 and 30 years, according to new Treasury analysis, but a leading labour market economist has criticised the "arbitrary and misleading" window chosen for the study.

Previous minimum wage rulings "overly cautious": FWC

The Fair Work Commission today conceded that inflated concerns about the impact of minimum wage increases on employment may have led to it being "overly cautious" in past rulings.

Reserve Bank sees "larger" wage rises ahead in expanding economy

RBA Governor Philip Lowe today used a House committee public hearing to restate his view that Australia's recent record of negligable wage growth may be nearing an end, suggesting that an improving local outlook amid a rebounding global economy would see increased pressure on employers to share the proceeds.

Share gender equity responsibility between HR and managers: Report

Responsibility for gender equity strategies should be partially devolved from centralised HR departments to line managers, and training to combat "unconscious bias" in selection processes should be mandated for supervisors and managers, according to a new report on barriers to women's career advancement in higher education.