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Rio "unilaterally" extracted contractual entitlement: IRC

Rio Tinto artificially limited contractual terms when it denied two FIFO mineworkers their entitlement to an extra allowance for nights spent away from their work base, the WA Industrial Relations Commission has found.

NSW Labor to expand IR territory if elected

NSW Labor has laid out its plan to beef up the State's OHS, anti-discrimination and anti-bullying jurisdiction, including by reviving the industrial court and extending access to private sector employees, if it wins Saturday's election.

Council justified in telling parking ranger to move on: IRC

A parking ranger has failed to establish that he was unfairly sacked after an Uber driver complained about his treatment of a passenger, with the ranger's colleagues lining up to allege he had a history of antagonistic behaviour.

I shouldn't have read damning material: IR Commissioner

A state IR commissioner has recused himself from hearing a high-profile adverse action case after admitting he shouldn't have perused material from the state's anti-corruption body that contradicted other evidence, before he considered admitting it.

Tribunal overturns sacking of elderly fixed-term contract worker

The ripples from a recent decision upsetting the authority on outer limits contract workers pursuing unfair dismissal claims have reached another jurisdiction, with the WA IR Commission ordering the reinstatement of a septuagenarian school traffic warden who had been "taken advantage" of by the employer.

Two new members for NSW IRC

The Berejiklian Government has quietly made two appointments to the NSW IRC.