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Qantas asks FWC to axe long-haul cabin crew deal

The FAAA says it will vigorously oppose an unprecedented Qantas bid to terminate its international cabin crew agreement, after a 97% majority rejected the Flying Kangaroo's unilateral "best offer" for a new deal.

FWC ends cruise ship worker's time in pandemic dry dock

The FWC has ordered stevedoring giant Qube to offer redundancy to a Sydney-based employee unable to work since cruise ships stopped operating in early 2020, accepting that alternative work in Wollongong would be "a huge disruption" to his family life.

Union to test key BHP OS precept

BHP's internal labour hire operation is facing a union challenge to a key element of its model, which holds that its workers are not attached to particular mine sites or regions and can have their jobs relocated anywhere on the east coast.

Court full bench repels third-party suppression bid

A full Federal Court has knocked back a Transport for NSW bid to prevent disclosure of tender documents and other evidence in the RTBU's challenge to an FWC finding that a privatised Sydney bus service is a genuine new enterprise that can be covered by a greenfields agreement.

Call for federally-funded employers to hire direct

A Labor/Greens-majority secure work Senate inquiry is calling on the Morrison Government to require federally-funded entities, including universities, aged care and disability services, to give preference to direct, permanent jobs.

Court grounds Qantas bid to halt reinstatements

The Federal Court has today refused to grant a Qantas bid to stay a hearing that could lead to the reinstatement of some or all of almost 1700 ground crew whose jobs the airline outsourced earlier this year.

Qantas seeks to delay ruling on outsourced jobs

The Federal Court is expected to rule this morning on a Qantas application to stay its decision on a remedy - including the possibility of reinstatement - for almost 1700 ground crew whose jobs the airline outsourced earlier this year.