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Post-Rossato, written contract terms rule: Barrister

The "deeper legacy" of the High Court's recent landmark Rossato judgment lies not so much in its pronouncements on the concept of casual employment, but in establishing a stricter approach to interpreting employment contracts that emphasises their written terms, leading employment barrister David Chin will tell the Australian Labour Law Association national conference tomorrow.

Uber employment model faces blowtorch from crack legal team

Uber is again facing a challenge to claims it has no employment relationship with drivers, a rideshare workers' group going after the company for alleged record keeping and payslip breaches in a case seeking penalties to boost its advocacy war chest.

Commission to weigh making gig economy award

The FWC will consider Menulog's application to create an On Demand Delivery Industry Award, after a full bench expressed tentative views that the miscellaneous award does not provide a "fair and relevant" safety net and that the fast food award does not cover the sector.

Employee finding "incoherent", High Court told

The multinational parent of Thorn Lighting has told the High Court that a full Federal Court's finding that two contracted truck drivers were employees despite nominally running their own businesses was "internally incoherent".

High Court timetables Personnel Contracting, Ridd cases

The High Court is likely to hear the Personnel Contracting/ZG Operations and Ridd cases in the second half of the year, after setting timetables for submissions to be completed by early June.

UK Uber ruling challenges gig economy model: Unions

Unions say Uber's failure to convince the UK's Supreme Court that its drivers are independent contractors or that their working time only includes periods carrying passengers is set to be "very persuasive" in the Australian context.

High Court grants special leave to appeal contractor ruling

The High Court has today granted special leave for an employer to challenge a court finding that two truck drivers who worked exclusively for a multinational for almost 40 years had an entitlement to unpaid leave and superannuation entitlements.

Nothing stopping delivery riders "abandoning" meals: Uber

Before entering into a private settlement with a food delivery worker accusing Uber Eats of unfair dismissal, the company has told a full Federal Court that delivery "partners" are free to negotiate lower fees and abandon meals after collecting them.

Full court rejects attempt to knock out class action

A workforce management company supplying technicians to the NBN, Telstra and Foxtel has failed to convince a full Federal Court that it should knock out a class action on behalf of at least 3350 workers allegedly misclassified as subcontractors.