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"Gay-branded" worker gains access to comparator's texts

A vehicle technician who claims he was subjected to discrimination when called "gay" and a "wog" in the workplace has won access to text messages sent to a proposed comparator to help him build his case.

Court clarifies naming protocols in case against law firm

In a decision further clarifying naming protocols for complaint and litigation respondents, a court has ruled that a law firm's individual partners need not be identified in a discrimination case brought by a former employee.

Court suppresses worker's identity in male-on-male harassment case

Despite opposition from an employer, a tribunal has agreed to suppress the identity of a man who claims he is being sexually harassed, discriminated against and victimised in his male-dominated workplace because of his imputed homosexuality.

Heavyweight union drops opposition to same-sex marriage

Australia's second-biggest union, the SDA, has dropped its long-held policy of opposing same-sex marriage, as national secretary Gerard Dwyer looks to concentrate on core workplace issues.