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Bonus smokes supervisor's dismissal claim

A marijuana-smoking supervisor who allegedly resigned after declining a drug test has had his unfair dismissal claim thrown out because a "project uplift" allowance of at least 25% counted as earnings that pushed him beyond the high-income threshold.

FWC imposes stringent conditions on employer's legal representation

A senior FWC member has approved an employer's request for legal representation in a dismissal case, but not before requiring hearings be conducted in private, that he be free to provide "appropriate" guidance to the unrepresented former worker, and that he retain the power to revoke permission if the lawyer complicates proceedings.

High earning "director" can pursue unfair dismissal claim

The FWC has given the go-ahead for the regional director of a multibillion dollar real estate business to pursue his unfair dismissal claim despite earning well above the income cap, because his duties established he was in fact an award-covered sales representative.

Compensation discounted by $1100 after abusive text; & more

Compensation discounted for sending abusive texts; "Chronic" mental health issues don't warrant extension of time; IT consultant not an independent contractor, says FWC; and Airport trips not private travel.