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Offshore deal sinks again as HR manager admits ignorance of changes

The FWC has for the second time thrown out a Sodexo offshore deal after hearing its HR manager and an employee involved in bargaining did not understand a swathe of significant changes, leaving "no confidence" it was properly explained to others.

Big W deal approved, reasons "in due course"

The FWC has approved a new Big W deal but is yet to give reasons for rejecting RAFFWU's objections about job security representations and the retailer's announcement immediately after workers voted it up that it would close stores and change rosters.

Gina's inadequately explained rail deal approved via undertakings

A senior FWC member has expressed "no hesitancy" in departing from full bench authorities on whether undertakings can overcome genuine agreement concerns, approving a deal made with two train drivers that will cover an entire workforce on the Roy Hill Pilbara mine network.

HR manager's silence scuttles marine deal variation

The FWC has prevented a large employer from varying an agreement after its HR manager failed to fully address concerns the amendment could remove some employees from coverage without their knowledge.

Cryogenic insulators frozen out of BOOT test: Bench

In a significant decision on the scope of agreements, an FWC full bench has quashed the approval of a deal measured exclusively against the manufacturing award, despite coverage extending to cryogenic insulators and concreters.

"Intentional non-compliance" puts Kmart deal beyond rescue

RAFFWU has warned Kmart that it should back pay workers tens of millions of dollars in minimum award entitlements or risk a bid to terminate its expired deal, after the FWC rejected its latest agreement over a BOOT failure and an "intentional" exclusion during voting.

Shiftwork could cost employers more after FWC ruling

Employers relying on the General Construction Award might have to start paying thousands of civil construction workers overtime instead of shift penalties, after the FWC held that shiftwork rates only apply if they continue the work of others on the same project, for the same client and contract.

FWC bench lops 31 horticultural deals

An FWC full bench has quashed a tranche of newly-minted horticulture deals, finding they were not genuinely agreed to as potential changes to the award had not been accurately explained to those covered.