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Employer's undertakings not enough to save 2007 deal

A dismissed worker and a union that was not a party to a major security company's pre-Fair Work agreement have succeeded in getting it terminated despite opposition from the employer and a number of current employees.

MUA rejects wharf chaos fears

International shipowners and shipping lines have warned governments around the country that protected industrial action by the MUA targeting individual ships could halt the flow of vital goods and threaten businesses and jobs in the logistics sector.

Tribunal reminds employers to share the stand-down load

A senior FWC member has reemphasised the need for pandemic-affected employers to spread the burden fairly, after an acrylics business stood down a worker for three months so others could retain their full-time hours.

Rule change streamlines ASU leadership team

The FWC has granted the ASU a rule change allowing it to abolish one of two assistant national secretary positions and exercise more flexibility in light of COVID-19 when scheduling meetings and its national conference.

Workplace watchdog probing university underpayments

The FWO has confirmed it is now investigating three universities after the University of Sydney became the latest to reveal multimillion-dollar underpayments, while the NTEU blames mass casualisation for creating the conditions for "wage theft".

FWC's Kovacic had poor opinion of umpires: Brother

Mourners at today's live-streamed funeral service for John Kovacic heard that the otherwise mild-mannered man who joined the nation's industrial umpire in 2013 became a different character when he attended a rugby league match featuring his beloved Wests Tigers, when referees making adverse rulings were "blind", or "stupid".

Ice hockey player suing league after homophobic vilification

An "openly bis-xual" Canadian ice hockey player is suing the Australian national league for failing to register him for a second season, accusing it of taking adverse action on the basis of his s-xuality and complaints about homophobic vilification.