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Morrison Government to "consult" on paid FDV leave: Cash

The Morrison Government has declined to endorse the FWC's provisional view extending 10 days' paid domestic leave to about 2.6 million award-covered workers, a decision partly based on evidence that it is an "emerging standard" in bargaining and over-award arrangements.

Meat wholesaler on hook for unreasonable extra hours

In a rare Federal Court ruling on reasonable additional hours, a large employer faces penalties for numerous Fair Work Act and award breaches after being found to have employed a recently-arrived "third-world" migrant on a 50-hour week in which shifts began at 2am.

Inspections start tomorrow in mostly virtual aged-care case

The historic work-value case for aged care workers began today with signs the union claim for pay increases of 25% will be closely-scrutinised by employers, with more than 100 witnesses required for cross-examination.

Menulog still seeking standalone gig economy award

In its continuing push for a highly-flexible On Demand Delivery Industry Award, Menulog is arguing the Road Transport Award is not up to the task on multiple fronts, including minimum engagement periods, penalty rates and "unsustainable" minimum wages.

$181K fine for listed company that stalled wage increase

Australia's largest bus operator has been fined $181,000 after a judge considered an internal email to its chief executive warning of the "very real possibility of being accused of 'wage theft'" if it did not pay more than 750 drivers an overdue wage increase.

Hike for workers on "problematic" annualised salaries

Hospitality workers on at least 25% above-award annualised salaries will earn overtime for such work beyond 12 hours a week or penalty rates for working more than 18 penalty rate hours, but the FWC concedes the minimum is "nowhere near enough" to compensate many.

Aged care bench willing to make site visits: Ross

A FWC full bench has agreed to inspect nursing homes when it starts hearing an aged care work value case later this month, while Labor has backpedalled on a plan to require facilities to roster registered nurses on 24/7 by July next year.

"No basis" for inserting paid FDV in awards: ACCI

Ahead of Friday's final full bench hearing into the ACTU's case for introducing paid family domestic violence leave into modern awards, the ACCI says it should have "little confidence" in the cost-benefit analyses provided by the union peak body's expert witnesses.

Sub-CPI minimum pay rise would be a cut: Victoria

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government is calling for an increase of at least the CPI - currently 3.5% - to the federal minimum wage and all modern award rates on the basis that consumer price inflation movements mean anything less would be a pay cut.