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Court rejects ER manager's bid to represent employer

A judge has shot down an ER manager's bid to represent her employer in an adverse action case in which she is accused of criminal behaviour, observing that her own interests might "colour" her ability to effectively perform the role.

No hearing for teacher "forced" onto maternity leave

The FWC has refused to hear the out-of-time unlawful termination case of a teacher allegedly "forced" into taking maternity leave, finding her confusion over the dismissal date, a delay caused by filing the wrong claim and a difficult birth did not amount to exceptional circumstances.

Mistaken s-x reference no basis for costs

A senior FWC member has cited the ubiquity of "incomplete [or] incorrect" applications received by the tribunal in rejecting a regulatory body's $36,000 costs bid against a former employee who mistakenly claimed discrimination on the basis of s-x.

Casual's 100-day-late general protections claim to proceed

A casual worker has won an extension of more than 100 days to file a general protections claim after the Federal Circuit Court found he reasonably acted on incorrect FWO advice and filed his claim in the wrong court.

Health chief seeks his share of Medicare income

The chief executive of an Aboriginal health service is suing it for $500,000 in allegedly unpaid bonuses from its Medicare and dental practice income, as part of an adverse action claim linking his sacking to an attempt to seek improved conditions.