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Government should send wharf disputes straight to FWC, says NFF

The National Farmers' Federation has called on the Federal Government to refer maritime industrial disputes straight to the FWC for arbitration, as one of several moves to improve international freight supply chains.

Government "will take action" if wharf strikes resume: Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged to intervene if the MUA resumes protected strikes at Patrick stevedores this month, while taking longer-term action on restrictive content imposed by the union in enterprise agreements.

Parliament does not meet workplace standards: AHRC report

The Australian Human Rights Commission has recommended an independent body be established to enforce parliamentary codes of conduct after a third of staffers responding to its workplace review reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment.

PM introduces religious discrimination bills

The Morrison Government's religious discrimination legislation permits faith-based employers to discriminate against workers on the basis of their "religious belief or activity" if it is connected to their position as an employee or prevents them performing inherent requirements.

Bill empowers minister to ban migrant-exploiting employers

The Morrison Government has today introduced legislation in response to two Migrant Workers' Taskforce recommendations to make it an offence to pressure temporary migrant workers to breach their visa conditions and to create a new power to ban employers that underpay them.

Many questions, few answers over suite of new IR laws

Unions have branded further legislation by the Morrison Government to protect migrant workers as "inadequate, given the scale and of nature" of exploitation, a view endorsed by a leading academic researcher.

"Nation's only inquiry into vaccine mandates": MP

The Liberal chair of a Federal Parliamentary inquiry into the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the workplace and the FWC has billed it as the "nation's only Inquiry into vaccine mandates".

Federal Government planning to bolster whistleblower protections

Assistant Attorney-General Senator Amanda Stoker has told a whistleblowing symposium today that the Morrison Government plans to strengthen support and protections for disclosers and to bring the public sector scheme into line with the private sector regime.

Labor says FWO acting like ABCC, ROC

Shadow IR Minister Tony Burke has today attacked Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker's approach to "insecure" work, accusing her of "spin", mischaracterising Labor's policy position and operating in a manner similar to that of the "partisan" ABCC and ROC.