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Truce on waterfront after union ends industrial action

DP World is set to withdraw its bid to terminate the MUA's industrial action at its Port Botany container terminal, after the union gave an 11th-hour undertaking to halt bans and stoppages until the end of October.

Government makes regulations, rules for JobKeeper 2.0

The Federal Government has today made regulations that IR Minister Christian Porter says will clarify the operation of the temporary IR flexibilities available to employers under the legislation extending Jobkeeper for six months beyond September 28.

Working group employers leery of ACTU-BCA pact

A majority of employer organisations have heatedly rejected a joint position agreed between the Business Council of Australia and the ACTU over changes to the law covering agreement-making, while IR Minister Christian Porter says discussions are continuing and that differences of opinion should come as no surprise.

COVID-19 impels greater parental leave flexibility: Porter

The Morrison Government has this morning introduced legislation to permit all parents to take up to 30 days of flexible unpaid parental leave until their child turns two and ensure 12 months of unpaid parental leave is available for families dealing with stillbirths, infant deaths and premature births.

JobKeeper 2.0 to rein in flexibility for robust employers

The Morrison Government's legislation to extend the JobKeeper wage subsidy scales back on the Coalition push to give employers workplace flexibility even if they no longer receive the wage subsidy.

FWC reverses unreasonable JobKeeper hours reduction

The FWC has quashed an unreasonable JobKeeper-enabling stand-down direction that left the employer open to an employee's "accusation" that it sought to punish him for pressing to work from home in locked-down Melbourne.

IR working groups approaching final stage

The Morrison Government's closely-guarded IR working group process - which has included addresses by FWC President Iain Ross and fast food giant McDonald's - is nearing the point where it will become clear whether consensus can be reached between employers and unions on changes to workplace laws.

FWC's Kovacic had poor opinion of umpires: Brother

Mourners at today's live-streamed funeral service for John Kovacic heard that the otherwise mild-mannered man who joined the nation's industrial umpire in 2013 became a different character when he attended a rugby league match featuring his beloved Wests Tigers, when referees making adverse rulings were "blind", or "stupid".