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Cobwebbed deal axed despite worker fears

In a decision illustrating the delicate balancing act required of the FWC when considering axing old agreements, a recently-employed worker has succeeding in having a security company's 15-year-old deal scrapped over the loud objections of all but a few of his fellow employees.

FWC pulls trigger on loaded rates for hospitality industry

Hospitality industry employers have won approval to roll up overtime, penalty and split-shift rates for full-time higher-paid workers after a FWC full bench rejected union concerns that changing the award for a small cohort could leave a broader group of employees worse off.

NRL bubble no excuse for late application: FWC

An "overwhelmed" manager caught up in her husband's hurried relocation to an interstate NRL bubble has been refused a six-hour extension to contest her redundancy, despite the FWC finding she had an arguable case.

No LSL obligation for employees who mostly worked overseas

An appeal court has found that international IT company Infosys had no obligation to pay long service leave to employees who claimed the entitlement after they worked for it in Australia for less than three years but up to a decade in India and elsewhere, finding they didn't meet the "continuous service" threshold under State legislation.

Court reduces shortchanging fine due to lockdown impacts

A court has accepted that it should impose a reduced underpayment penalty on an employer and its director because last year's extended coronavirus lockdown in Melbourne significantly reduced the size and financial resources of the business.

Virgin pilots hail deal with redundancy freeze

Virgin Australia pilots have ahead of their union's merger with the TWU voted up a new deal that includes a freeze on compulsory redundancies before December next year.

High Court's Rossato decision rewrites the rules: Experts

IR academics say the High Court's "revolutionary" approach in Rossato signals an intention to rewrite the rules for determining employment status, with potentially dire consequences for gig workers and others seeking to challenge their characterisation.

Employers effusive after High Court's black letter ruling

Employers once said to be facing up to $38 billion in casuals' backpay claims have welcomed today's High Court confirmation that contracts are decisive in determining employment types, while workers' representatives have come out swinging.

High Court overturns Rossato ruling

The High Court has today unanimously upheld labour hire company Workpac's challenge to a finding that coal mineworker Robert Rossato was entitled to paid leave while engaged as a casual on consecutive contracts for almost four years.

Uber employment model faces blowtorch from crack legal team

Uber is again facing a challenge to claims it has no employment relationship with drivers, a rideshare workers' group going after the company for alleged record keeping and payslip breaches in a case seeking penalties to boost its advocacy war chest.