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Self-represented security guard launches class action

A self-represented maritime security guard has filed a class action accusing Wilson Security of underpaying him and colleagues at the North-West shelf gas project, directing them to perform unpaid work and breaching rostering and payslip requirements.

AAT fires another shot at FEG scheme "inequity"

A senior tribunal member has expressed exasperation over legislators' continued failure to address shortcomings in the Fair Entitlements Guarantee scheme after being forced to hand down an "unfair and unjust" decision denying two workers almost $70,000 in redundancy entitlements due to a liquidator's actions.

Urgent need for paid vax leave for care workers: ACTU

ACTU leader Sally McManus has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison seeking four days paid leave and travel time to facilitate the rapid inoculation of the largely-unvaccinated private sector aged and disability care workforce.

Westpac, CBA to cover time off for COVID-19 shots

Westpac has introduced special paid leave for employees to get COVID-19 vaccinations after the FSU wrote to financial institutions seeking two days' paid leave for all staff to get shots, while the Commonwealth Bank says it will also allow time off for the purpose.

Court clears way for challenge to class action

CIMIC Group subsidiary UGL plans to sue the AMWU and CFMMEU for allegedly breaching financial services laws when they arranged to fund a class action against it, after the Federal Court cleared the way for it to use details revealed in the funding agreement in its pursuit.

Donning/doffing PPE is working time: Bench

A full bench has quashed a finding that a meatworker is not entitled to payment for time involved in putting on and removing PPE during a half-hour unpaid meal break, but has held an employer's silence did not give the FWC power to arbitrate on the before- and after-work requirement.

Telstra moves to "location-agnostic" working

As Telstra continues to bring call centre jobs back onshore and responds to changing needs during the pandemic, it says a new flexible work policy will support "location agnostic" and "hybrid" practices that open up flexibility options for all employees.

IBM case to test "common" misclassification of IT workers

Professionals Australia is running a test case on behalf of a software engineer who is suing IBM for more than $100,000 in leave entitlements he claims to be owed due to a decade's misclassification as a contractor before being engaged on a permanent full-time basis in 2010.