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FWC set to extend paid pandemic leave until late March

A five-member FWC full bench has today given any objectors until Monday to respond to its "provisional view" that it should extend COVID-19 paid pandemic leave provisions in three major health awards for five months.

FWO ramps up recoveries, compliance notices

Despite suspending field-based work due to COVID-19, the FWO's annual report reveals it has more than tripled the amount recovered for workers and significantly increased its compliance activities after revising its strategy.

FWC modifies agreement after ABCC objection

The FWC has varied a construction supply company's newly-approved deal after the ABCC objected to its consultation clause, maintaining it was inconsistent with the building code's freedom of association requirements.

Entry permit granted despite coronavirus-related slip-up

The FWC has issued a new entry permit to an AMOU organiser who claimed his COVID-19-related workload twice led to him inadvertently using an expired ticket when he visited members on offshore vessels.

Judge baulks at signing off on shrunken class action settlement

The Federal Court has put the brakes on the $1.9 million settlement of a $65 million class action against marketing agency Appco, noting it would leave more than 1000 former fundraisers with "diddly squat" after the litigation funder takes half.

'Time fraud' sacking upheld despite employer being "asleep at the wheel"

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of a patrolling council worker accused of "time fraud", despite finding that her supervisor was "asleep at the wheel" in overlooking GPS data revealing that she regularly started late and visited her partner's home during work hours.

Bench quashes deal with "extraordinarily wide scope"

An FWC full bench has overturned the approval of a labour hire deal, finding a "disjunction" between its scope and the roles performed by workers meant it should not have been found genuinely agreed.

Jetstar's "unresponsive" ER manager ignored dispute: FWC

Ignoring a union's frequent letters challenging whether it could make senior engineering appointments on a temporary rather than permanent basis gave Jetstar no standing to claim a deal's dispute resolution process had not been correctly followed, the FWC has ruled.