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Woolies rise maintains agreement obligations: Unions

Woolworths has confirmed it will pay the 2.5% minimum wage increase to employees from the first week of next month, avoiding a repeat of the dispute it had last year with retail unions over the timing of pay rises to workers in its supermarkets and Big W stores.

Union leery of Telstra restructure's effect on new deals

The CEPU's communication division has warned members that Telstra wants separate enterprise agreements covering new entities being created through a corporate restructure, arguing it is "critical" that existing pay and conditions are preserved.

Major greenfields deals back on agenda; employers push for more

The Morrison Government has committed to reintroducing the major projects greenfields agreement provisions it removed from the IR Omnibus Bill, while employer organisations are pushing it to revive other jettisoned elements that would have overhauled enterprise bargaining and the award system.

Bridge too far: ABCC targets Queensland project

The ABCC has warned contractors that they could contravene the BCIIP Act and the national construction code if they pay heed to Queensland Government procurement principles that apply to tenders for a $200m freeway bridge project.

No "fuel" for union's conspiracy theory over deal: Bench

A FWC bench after ordering an employer to produce documents has found nothing to support a CEPU "conspiracy theory" that it manipulated a deal's approval process by laying off members while bringing in former managers who voted it up.

Department hits back at nurses' "rigid" ratio campaign

In the wake of NSW public sector nurses taking industrial action in pursuit of nurse-to-patient ratios, NSW Health says they "do not reflect modern rostering practises", even though they are used in the Labor states of Queensland and Victoria.

Bench's safety concerns derail Sydney Trains proposal

The FWC has again blocked Sydney Trains from compelling electrical workers to participate in a trial to reduce downtime during maintenance, with a full bench finding it would introduce risks inconsistent with its obligations under safety laws.

NSW nurses vow to stay course despite anti-strike orders

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association says it is "100% committed" to supporting members who are campaigning for nurse-patient ratios, after the State IRC ordered it to not engage in industrial action.