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Employees to pay half for mediation in non-union deal

A non-union deal that encourages employees to cash out annual leave and requires them to pay half of dispute mediation costs fails the Workplace Relations Act's no disadvantage test, a full bench of the IRC has found.

Transport companies win pay reprieve

Long distance transport companies have won a two-month reprieve from an IRC decision to scrap the hourly-rate benchmark for enterprise agreements and rely instead on a much higher cents-per-kilometre rate.

ACCI supports opting-out model

Peak employer group the ACCI has supported a radical plan to opt out of the award system as an option that should be available to employers.

ANZ puts a price on HR

The ANZ has dismissed union fears that charging its internal business units for HR services will discourage employees from using them.

Carr seeks changes after discrimination ruling

NSW Premier Bob Carr has asked Prime Minister John Howard to legislate to reverse the recent Federal Court decision that a drug addiction could constitute a disability under the Disability Discrimination Act

Reith reintroduces unfair dismissal exemption bill

Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith has this morning reintroduced his bill that exempts small businesses from unfair dismissal laws and provides a statutory six-month probation period, but the legislation is certain to again be defeated.

Bargaining wage growth: slow in private sector, rapid in public

Pay increases in September quarter private sector enterprise agreements grew only slightly to 3.9% a year (up from 3.8% the previous quarter), while increases in public sector deals rocketed to 4.3% a year (up from 3%).

Man labelled as gay allowed to make discrimination claim

A security officer who claims he was discriminated against when other employees presumed he was homosexual has been allowed to proceed with his complaint, after a NSW tribunal dismissed his employer's attempt to have it struck out.

Barrett the new second in charge at QCU

LHMU official Chris Barrett has taken over as assistant secretary of the Queensland Council of Unions after the ascension of former assistant secretary Grace Grace to the peak body's top job.