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Collison wins breathing space in NSW IRC

The ongoing internal power struggle involving AWU Greater NSW branch secretary Russ Collison has spilled into the NSW IRC (in Court Session).

"Short-term" for casuals doesn't mean less than six months

In a significant decision on casual employees' access to unfair dismissal laws, a full bench of the NSW IRC has ruled that those with less then six months service are not necessarily excluded from lodging claims under the State IR Act.

Abbott AWA pay claims misleading, says ACTU

WR Minister Tony Abbott has been "misleading and deceptive" in using new wages data to bolster the standing of AWAs, according to the ACTU.

Waterfront productivity benchmark beaten

Waterfront productivity has for the first time surpassed the 25 containers an hour benchmark set by former WR Minister Peter Reith.

AWA workers earn more

A new ABS survey shows employees covered by AWAs earn $185 a week more than those covered by federal enterprise agreements, although the data reveals part of the difference is accounted for by high-earning managers.

35-hour week not so bad for French employers

A year after its introduction, the 35-hour cap on weekly working hours in France hasn’t had the negative impact many employers expected and some say it has boosted productivity.

Victorian building workers win long service boost

Some 200,000 Victorian construction workers will get earlier access to their portable long service leave entitlements after unions today accepted an offer from employers.