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HSU leader denies right of entry test rorts

ACTU computer records suggest a single person sat the online right of entry permit tests for six HSU Victorian No 1 branch officials according to counsel assisting the Heydon Royal Commission, but the branch's secretary Diana Asmar has flatly denied she gave instructions for such a practice to occur.

Heydon hears HSU tipped off about East branch administration

NSW ALP secretary Sam Dastyari tipped off some officials in the HSU that the Federal Labor government planned to appoint an administrator to the union's East branch in early 2012, the Heydon Royal Commission has heard.

Unions to use bargaining to reverse Budget pain

The ACTU has produced a “bargaining toolkit” to help unions to pursue claims to offset Federal Budget measures, including the $7 GP co-payment, a freeze on child care rebates and the re-indexation of fuel excise.

"Anything goes" when CFMEU goes to war, inquiry hears

Evidence to be presented to the Heydon Royal Commission by former CFMEU construction and general division NSW branch official Brian Fitzpatrick "reveals a troubling state of lawlessness" in the branch and the union that manifests in their preparedness to go to "war" against companies that incur their displeasure, according to its counsel assisting.

Barrister's report exonerates CFMEU officials

An investigation commissioned by CFMEU national secretary Michael O'Connor has cleared NSW construction and general division branch officials of going soft on building companies associated with Sydney business identity George Alex and of bullying two organisers who raised the allegations.

CFMEU, competitors and customers incur the wrath of Kane

Boral chief executive Mike Kane has told the Heydon Royal Commission that his company is contemplating new legal action against its competitors, customers and the CFMEU under competition law, labelling them as conspirators in a union campaign to deprive it of its Melbourne market share after it refused to cut off supplies to Grocon.

Royal Commission flags new arsenal to tackle union misconduct

The Heydon Royal Commission has raised the possibility that the CFMEU's bans on Boral concrete supplies might have contravened anti-cartel and blackmail laws, in addition to flouting secondary boycott provisions.

Heydon locks horns with CFMEU barrister over phone recording

In a testy exchange with CFMEU barrister John Agius SC this morning, Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon has ruled that airing a building company director's secret recording of a telephone call with a union organiser was not unlawful because it was in the public interest for it to be played.

Royal Commission denies briefing journalists

The Heydon Royal Commission today denied leaking information to the media, after the CFMEU’s construction division complained about the emergence into the public arena of material that is expected to be aired at next week’s hearing into the union.

CFMEU next in line for Heydon blowtorch

The Heydon Royal Commission will turn its sights on the CFMEU next week, moving to Melbourne for three days starting on Monday, followed by one day in Sydney on Friday.