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Labour hire licensing bill introduced in Queensland

Queensland's IR Minister Grace Grace today vowed to "drive out (the) cheaters and rorters" in the labour hire industry with the introduction of legislation requiring companies to hold annually-renewable licences.

Coalition abandons legislation to outlaw "double dipping"

The Turnbull Government has quietly withdrawn parental leave legislation that sought remove employers from a mandatory role as "paymasters", prohibit "double dipping" and increase the maximum Government payment to 20 weeks.

Non-NERR-compliant agreements on hold: FWC

The FWC has asked the Coalition to consider backdating its legislation to give the tribunal discretion to correct minor errors in bargaining notices, after a new regulation designed to reduce defects appears to have made things worse.

Airtasker says its bidders not employees

The Airtasker online jobs marketplace has told a Senate inquiry that it does not check whether those bidding for work are independent contractors.

ASIC's Bielecki to lead ROC

The Turnbull Government has opted for an IR outsider from corporate regulator ASIC to head the new Registered Organisations Commission.

FWC rejects challenge to parliamentary staff deal

The FWC has approved an agreement for 2,000 staffers for members of Federal Parliament, despite union claims it was not genuinely agreed because "voting irregularities" caused by the electronic voting system disenfranchised substantial numbers of workers.

Start date for ROC pushed back

The timetable for having the Registered Organisations Commission up and running appears to have slipped, with a new target adopted for it to be in place by the end of June.

Senate composition in flux again after Day ruling

The High Court today confirmed the Turnbull Government's loss of a crucial workplace legislation vote in the Upper House when it ruled that former Family First Senator Bob Day was ineligible to take his seat due to an indirect pecuniary interest.