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Transit officer unfairly sacked over capsicum spray

Sacking a transit officer for "excessive force" when he used capsicum spray on a threatening 12-year-old boy was unfair because the employer should have considered demoting him instead, a tribunal has found.

Retrenchments not genuine: FWC

The FWC has reinstated four workers after finding they were not "genuinely redundant" and that their employer took an "unduly hasty and largely tokenistic" approach to meeting its consultation and redeployment obligations.

Rail worker back onboard after sacking for fraud

The FWC has reinstated a Metro Trains Melbourne station officer after finding no justification for her sacking over fraudulent transactions on the Myki smartcard ticketing system.

Bench to examine employment abandonment clauses

FWC President Iain Ross has asked a full bench to review abandonment of employment clauses in six modern awards after a recent ruling that employers must take the "additional step" of ending the employment relationship when a worker walks off the job.

Employer failed to give HR officer chance to improve: FWC

The FWC has found the sacking of an HR officer for underperformance was an unfair fait accompli, determining that she was given inadequate opportunities to improve and insufficient notice that her job was in peril.

FWC member understated Qantas employee's dishonesty: Bench

A lie told by a veteran Qantas flight attendant sacked for stealing alcohol has again proven his undoing, with an FWC full bench yesterday quashing an unfair dismissal ruling that put him in line for more than $33,000 in compensation.

Bench awards costs against "obsessive, dogmatic" appellant

An FWC full bench has ordered a nurse intent on having her "day in court" to pay $5,000 in legal costs for pursuing an appeal with no reasonable prospects of success, despite threats she would take her own life if costs went against her.