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Union leader was seeking charity, not trouble: Court

A union leader who entered a worksite to raise money for an injured member was not responsible for a spontaneous decision to down tools over safety concerns, a judge has found in a decision in which she further queried the ABCC over its reservations about workers justifying walkouts based on subjective "feelings" about worksite OHS shortcomings.

Company can't unilaterally end income protection scheme: Bench

In another blow to stevedore DP World as it weathers a campaign of rolling strikes, an FWC full bench majority has upheld a ruling that it was not entitled to unilaterally end an income protection scheme for its container terminal employees.

Setka delays Labor expulsion bid

CFMMEU construction and general division Victorian branch secretary John Setka has won a reprieve from the ALP's push to expel him from the party

Employer not obliged to follow best practice: Judge

A court has thrown out an injured automotive manager's attempt to establish that his employer took unlawful adverse action against him when it bullied him and allocated part of his job to another employee because of his physical disability and lodgement of a worker's compensation claim.

Setka anti-expulsion case might be bound for High Court

CFMMEU construction and general division Victorian branch secretary John Setka might take his legal action to block his expulsion from the ALP to the High Court, the Victorian Supreme Court has heard today.

Stolen wages settlement paves way for other states

A $190 million in-principle settlement of the long-running Queensland "stolen wages" class action in the Federal Court has increased the chances of similar claims succeeding in other states.

Paramedics split from United Voice

The leadership of the union representing Victorian paramedics and ambulance workers has resigned and broken away from United Voice.

Rebel retail union opposing Big W deal

The first new agreement for Big W employees in seven years has been sidelined, after unregistered retail union RAFFWU opposed its approval in an FWC telephone hearing today.

"Gay-branded" worker gains access to comparator's texts

A vehicle technician who claims he was subjected to discrimination when called "gay" and a "wog" in the workplace has won access to text messages sent to a proposed comparator to help him build his case.