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FSC seeks urgent clarification from Ross on super panel

The Financial Services Council has demanded that Fair Work Commission President Iain Ross clarify two legal points before its challenge to the default superannuation review is heard by the Federal Court on Friday.

Ross rejects super conflict

FWC President Iain Ross has this afternoon flatly rejected a suggestion that his involvement in superannuation funds "25 years ago" means he has a conflict of interest in sitting on the expert panel's review of default funds.

Super panel presses on with review in face of retail fund challenge

The FWC's President, Justice Iain Ross, in a ruling handed down this morning, has told the Financial Services Council it should take its complaint about the constitution of the default superannuation expert panel to the Federal Court.

Retail funds seek to stymie FWC super review

The peak body for retail superannuation funds is seeking an urgent Fair Work Commission hearing in a bid to halt the review of default funds in modern awards.

FWC rejects bid to modernise enterprise award

The Fair Work Commission has rejected another employer application to create a modern enterprise award rather than be bound by a sector-wide modern award.

Full bench reverses public holiday ruling

The SDA has successfully appealed against fast food and hair & beauty industry employers having greater flexibility in compensating employees for working on public holidays.

Employers seeking annual leave changes in award review

The AiG will argue for a raft of annual leave changes as part of the four-year review of modern awards, including greater powers for employers to compel workers to take annual leave during close-downs and when accrued leave reaches "excessive" levels.

Strong evidence needed for award changes, Full Bench rules

Parties seeking significant changes in the four-year review of modern awards will need to present "probative evidence properly directed to demonstrating the facts", the FWC review full bench has warned in a ruling issued this week.