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Director's criticism overheard in bathroom: Employer body

WA's peak employer body says COVID-19 prompted it to extend the probationary period of a commercial services director instead of sacking her, before she allegedly shared details of a confidential performance discussion while criticising colleagues in the workplace toilets.

Late application allowed after children's secrecy over sacking

The FWC has allowed a delivery driver's late unfair dismissal application to proceed after finding that his adult children kept news of his sacking from him over health concerns while he completed two weeks' hotel quarantine.

Law firm granted representation to defend solicitor's sacking claim

The FWC will allow a legal firm that provides IR advice to lawyer-up against a self-represented junior solicitor with no post-admission experience who claims to be in a "David and Goliath" situation as he seeks to challenge his dismissal.

Boyce short of threshold for referral to Cash: Ross

FWC President Iain Ross has told a Labor senator that the threshold has not been reached for him to refer concerns about Deputy President Gerard Boyce to IR Minister Michaelia Cash.

Near-10% over three years under post-lockout deal

The AMWU claims it has won wage increases of at least 9.8% over three years for workers at a McCain Foods potato processing plant in Tasmania, as it pushes to bring their rates into line with their mainland counterparts.

FWC backs Qantas grounding of over-age flight crew

The FWC has upheld the dismissal of two Qantas pilots unable to fly internationally after turning 65, drawing parallels with the tribunal's retirement policy while finding it might have been "considerate" to keep them in the departure lounge while they awaited a move to short-haul.

Judge's reasons "a disordered stream of consciousness"

A full Federal Court has ordered a retrial of a recruitment company employee's adverse action case, finding a Federal Circuit Court judge failed to provide adequate reasons for throwing it out.

Respect Bill passes both houses

The Morrison Government's Respect@Work legislation has now passed both houses of parliament, after the House of Representatives early this afternoon backed the legislation, as amended by the Senate yesterday.

Reorient FWO as enforcer, report recommends

A Senate inquiry into temporary migration has recommended that the Morrison Government restructure the FWO as an enforcement-focused inspectorate, require registration and accreditation of employers that engage visa workers and establish a national labour hire licensing scheme.