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FWC allows dispute lodged after redundancy

An employee made redundant 12 days before lodging a dispute with the FWC can challenge his redundancy after the Commission rejected the employer's jurisdictional objection that he wasn't covered by the agreement at the time.

FWC permits rare appeal in dismissal dispute

In a rare decision to permit an appeal in a dismissal dispute, an FWC full bench has concluded that a presidential member may have wrongly discounted a reason for the late submission of the appellant's original claim.

Redeployment chances unfairly compromised by seniority: FWC

A scientist whose seniority weighed against her in competing for internal vacancies at one of Australia's leading cancer institutes has been awarded 5.4 weeks' pay after the FWC found insufficient efforts were made at redeployment before her position was terminated.

Bumpy times ahead for air navigation service

Commonwealth-owned air navigation service provider Airservices Australia is headed for turbulence as it looks to cut at least 600 jobs from its 4500-strong workforce.

Union slams enforceable undertaking as "no deterrent"

The ETU has expressed outrage at an FWO enforceable undertaking requiring a company to donate $50,000 to a migrant community charity and overhaul its recruitment practices after workers from the Philippines were threatened with dismissal if they joined a union.

Worker displaced by robots wins job back

A straddle driver who lost his job as a result of an automation-driven restructure at Patrick Stevedores' Port Botany container terminal has won his job back after the FWC ruled his dismissal was not a genuine redundancy.

FWC rejects bullying case against energy company chief executive

The FWC has rejected bullying allegations against Essential Energy's chief executive officer, but has ordered the company to accept voluntary redundancy applications from two employees who brought the anti-bullying claim because the cost of keeping them on the books when there is no meaningful work is "irrational, absurd and ridiculous".