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Union challenges FEG calculations for misclassified worker

The CFMMEU is challenging a finding that casual loading paid to a wrongly classified employee could be offset against his Fair Entitlements Guarantee claim when the company went bust, arguing that his contract of employment used for the calculations is "unlawful and/or against public policy".

Budget funds labour hire scheme, crackdown on sham contracting

The Morrison Government in this year's Budget has allocated almost $27 million over four years to establish a national labour hire registration scheme and funded a dedicated sham contracting unit within the Fair Work Ombudsman.

FIFO workers mental health code launched

Australia's first code of practice addressing the mental health of FIFO workers has been introduced by Western Australia's McGowan Government.

No napping when it comes to new workforces: James

Employers should pay close attention to their "extended workforce" before being forced to do so by increased regulation and public scrutiny, according to former Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James.

Job security link permits FWC to rule on casual conversion clause

A large pharmaceutical company is obliged to convert labour hire workers to permanent positions after a year's continuous employment, the FWC ruling that the relevant agreement clause was a permitted matter because it promoted job security.

Minister lauds HR skills of new IR tribunal member

A representative for IR Minister Kelly O'Dwyer has praised a new FWC presidential appointee for his HR expertise and direct business experience, observing it is "not a common attribute" of Commission members "who tend to operate in the IR system".

Bench decries purported "Fair Work" IR advisors

An FWC full bench has castigated a "reckless" employment advice provider whose actions led to an employee missing the 21-day deadline for lodging a general protections claim, finding his confusion together with representative error provided the exceptional circumstances required to extend time.

Private sector bargained pay rises flatlining: Report

Wages in private sector agreements approved in last year's December quarter provided average pay increases of 3% a year, unchanged from the level of the previous three-month period, according to new Department of Jobs data.

Harwin takes on IR role in NSW

After retaining government at the March 23 State election, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has folded IR into a newly-named Public Service and Employee Relations portfolio and handed it to Arts Minister Don Harwin.