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Transit officer unfairly sacked over capsicum spray

Sacking a transit officer for "excessive force" when he used capsicum spray on a threatening 12-year-old boy was unfair because the employer should have considered demoting him instead, a tribunal has found.

Rail worker back onboard after sacking for fraud

The FWC has reinstated a Metro Trains Melbourne station officer after finding no justification for her sacking over fraudulent transactions on the Myki smartcard ticketing system.

Dismissal for explicit Facebook post valid but harsh

The FWC has found it was harsh to dismiss a nurse who tagged two colleagues to a s-xually explicit Facebook video and said they were "slamming" each other, set-up a mock masturbation scene on a workmate's desk and referred to a senior manager in crude derogatory terms.

Flight attendant accused of harassment to pay costs

The FWC has ruled that a cabin crew supervisor, who failed to convince the tribunal last year that his sacking for alleged sexual harassment was unfair, must now pay costs for continuing to pursue his claim after he rejected a $20,000 settlement offer.

Phantom email to client warranted sacking for dishonesty: FWC

The FWC has found that an employer was justified in seeking to protect its reputation by sacking a "dishonest" employee who told a client she had sent an important document when no trace of the email could ever be found.

Bulging pockets cost flight attendant his job

The FWC has found Qantas should have implemented a penalty "lesser than dismissal" for a long-serving flight attendant who stole alcohol from a flight then lied about it, but has rejected reinstating him because it might "condone" theft.

Sacking a wee bit too harsh, says Commission

A garbage truck driver sacked for urinating in a CBD laneway during his shift has won his job back after the Fair Work Commission found he paid too high a price for his misconduct.

Prison officer who assaulted inmates wins job back

The NSW IRC has ordered the reinstatement from today of a decorated senior prison officer it dismissed for assaulting three inmates while suffering from a mental illness, but he will be denied backpay due to his misconduct.