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Ross refuses to refer agreement termination "test case" to bench

FWC President Iain Ross has refused the NTEU's bid for a full bench to hear Murdoch University's request to terminate its enterprise agreement, which the union claims is a "test case" that will affect up to 20,000 Western Australian higher education employees.

Transit officer unfairly sacked over capsicum spray

Sacking a transit officer for "excessive force" when he used capsicum spray on a threatening 12-year-old boy was unfair because the employer should have considered demoting him instead, a tribunal has found.

Decade-long restraint reasonable: Interlocutory ruling

The WA Supreme Court has temporarily barred an engineer with highly-specialised skills from working with any competitors in the state after finding reasonable a 10-year restraint clause.

WA construction code to apply from January 1

Western Australia's Barnett Coalition Government has unveiled a construction code that will regulate the IR practices of tenderers for state-funded projects worth more than $10 million from January 1.

Law firm tried to block partner's general protections claim

A top-tier law firm sought to block the Fair Work Commission from hearing a general protections involving a dismissal application from a former partner, arguing that his partnership was terminated rather than his employment.

Annualised salary deal didn't specify award opt-outs, says court

A court has cleared the way for an employee to pursue claims for $29,000 in allegedly unpaid overtime and lunch breaks after finding her employment contract failed to specify the provisions of the clerks award that would be bought out in her annualised salary.