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HSU's Jackson to face committal hearing

Former HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson will face a four-week committal hearing later this year on 70 charges of theft and deception.

Court allows CFMEU outcasts to proceed with case

A court has refused to summarily dismiss a general protections claim instigated by two former CFMEU construction and general division NSW branch organisers who maintain they were driven out of their jobs for whistleblowing.

Heydon evidence admissible in NUW dismissal case: FWC

The FWC has ruled that the NUW can rely on evidence given to the Heydon Royal Commission by former official Nick Belan in its defence of his unfair dismissal claim, because the Commission is not a court.

FWC GM's probe targets former AWU leader

The Fair Work Commission's new investigation into the AWU's Victorian branch and its former secretary, Cesar Melhem, will extend to the notorious Cleanevent enterprise agreement.

FWC to assess whether Heydon inquiry evidence admissible

The FWC is set to consider whether the NUW can rely on evidence provided to the Heydon Royal Commission to defend an unfair dismissal claim from the brother of former NSW branch secretary Derrick Belan.

One Nation likely to back IR bills: Roberts

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says the party is inclined to back the ABCC and ROC bills, while it will also push for the federal government to get out of IR regulation and to beef-up the ACCC to police anti-competitive conduct by companies and unions.

HSU's Jackson bailed, gives up passport

Former HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson has given up her passport and must continue to reside in her Wombarra home near Sydney after appearing today in Melbourne Magistrates' Court.

Police charge HSU's Jackson

Victorian police have charged former HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson over financial dealings during her time at the union.

Commission steers TWU "Ute-gate" case to Federal Court

The Fair Work Commission general manager has began civil penalty proceedings against two former WA secretaries of the TWU over allegations which include the purchase of two $150,000 "luxury utilities".

AFP acted lawfully during CFMEU raid: Court

The AFP acted lawfully and had reasonable grounds to seize and copy electronic files during last year's raid on CFMEU offices in Brisbane, the Federal Court has found.