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Employer pays for "puzzling" failure to dismiss worker

An accountant suspended and sent on "home leave" for his failure to honour a sale of business transaction and misdirecting company funds will receive seven months' salary because his employer failed to formally dismiss him, the Victorian Supreme Court has found.

Howard-backed postal worker wins compensation for summary dismissal

A postal worker who was backed by then shadow IR minister John Howard in postal union elections 20 years ago has today won compensation after the FWC ruled that Australia Post made a single "glaring error" when it summarily dismissed him.

FWC full bench makes important ruling on FIFO employment

In a crucial ruling for the Ichthys LNG project, an FWC full bench has ruled today that an electrical contracting company is entitled to give its fly-in, fly-out employees notice of retrenchment immediately before a rest and recreation period.

Employer overshoots with summary dismissal

An IT manager and internationally-renowned competitive shooter, sacked for serious misconduct after his friend brought a dangerous, high-powered weapon into the workplace and asked for his advice, will receive more than $8,000 in compensation after the FWC ruled his summary dismissal was unwarranted.

Bank managers "got what they bargained for": Court

A full Federal Court has rebuffed a group of St George Bank managers who claimed the employer engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct when it retrenched them after promising they would receive retention bonuses if they stayed in their jobs during a merger with Westpac.

Summarily-dismissed GM fails to establish adverse action

A general manager sacked for going" behind the back" of his employer to allegedly block the sale of the business has failed in his adverse action claim but has won than $30,000 in damages after a court ruled his misconduct did not warrant summary dismissal.

Tribunal ruling a win for FIFO workers

An electrical contracting company on the Ichthys LNG project failed to comply with its agreement when it gave its FIFO employees notice of retrenchment immediately before a rest and recreation period, the FWC has ruled, in a decision with implications for employers of non-residential workforces.

Unfair dismissal round-up: Compensation for worker sacked for remark made in jest; & more

Unfair to sack supervisor for remark made in jest; FWC grants legal representation for case to be heard on "less emotive" basis; Employer's appeal against domestic violence sacking rejected by full bench; High-earning BHPB "number two" not protected from unfair dismissal; HR business partner's $138,000 salary exceeds high income threshold; Tribunal rejects sacked worker's bid for reimbursement of counselling costs; Ranger dismissed because contract ran out, not whistleblowing; and FWC "draws the line" on "meandering" unfair dismissal claim.

Unfair dismissal round-up: Morning sickness justifies extending time; and more

Morning sickness justifies extending time; Legal representation granted in drug test dismissal case; Constructive dismissal by phone justified after vehicle log book failure; Refusal to accept a large settlement not unreasonable, says FWC; and "Informal chat" insufficient consultation for horse trainer redundancy.