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FWC roasts "O'Brien way" of running business

A family-run venue management and catering business with thousands of workers and an "unsophisticated" and "impotent" HR function constructively dismissed its manager at a major stadium after issuing her two "entirely unsatisfactory" warnings for conduct that included requesting free tickets to a Geelong v Richmond AFL game.

Employment relationship not broken by resignation: FWC

A five-day hiatus between resigning from a fixed-term position and re-starting the same job on a casual basis did not break the minimum employment period necessary for a worker to challenge her dismissal, the FWC has found.

Coles' LSL underpayments go to "very guts" of issue: Magistrate

Coles has avoided millions of dollars in penalties for underpaying Victorian workers after relying on an agreement clause that conflicts with State long service leave laws, leaving a court concerned its "paltry" $50,000 fine sets a poor precedent.

Guaranteed pay rises for all secures CBA deal approval

The FWC has signed off on a new deal for almost 50,000 Commonwealth Bank employees after the employer committed to delivering on the pre-vote impression that everyone would receive a pay rise.

FWO underpayment case should be scrapped: Recycler

The FWO "uncritically" accepted an employment agency's assertions about the correct award to apply to underpayment claims before prematurely issuing compliance notices, an employer alleges.

McKinsey worker sacked after four weeks claims adverse action

A digital specialist is seeking reinstatement at McKinsey & Company and asserting her right to keep a $30,000 sign-on bonus in an adverse action case claiming her mental illness and legal action against a previous employer prompted it to sack her after less than a month.

Expand scope of FWC anti-harassment orders: Jenkins

A praiseworthy male student teacher who receives "highly critical" feedback from his female high school teacher supervisor after politely declining her invitation for drinks would be able to seek an order against sex-based harassment from the FWC, under a proposal by Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins.