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FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; & more

FWC accepts six-minutes-late dismissal claim; Creative crane driver fails to win job back; FWC member showed no real or apparent bias, says bench; and Tribunal douses smoker's bid to win job back.

Visa worker in "unusual" and "exploitative" arrangement unfairly sacked: FWC

The FWC has found even the "most basic" of HR advice would have avoided the "error laden and unfair" dismissal of a 457 visa holder employed under an exploitative arrangement in which she worked as a motel senior manager on the proviso that her partner toiled for free.

Benevolent, accommodating employer loses dismissal case

An employer that the FWC found had "acted quite benevolently" and had tried to accommodate the needs of a worker suffering health problems has been ordered to pay compensation after mishandling her dismissal.

Miscarriage no excuse for late lodgement; Cleaners strike in Canberra; and more

Cleaners strike in Parliament bathrooms to support pay claim; Miscarriage not reason enough for an extension of time; Lunching security guard unfairly dismissed; Accountant's sacking fair in "highly unusual" case; High Court to hear unions challenge to offshore visas; and Bechtel clarifies position on leave approval.

Unfair dismissal round-up: Employer denied lawyer; and more

Employer can "effectively represent itself"; It's peculiar: Bench overrules refusal of name change; Employer pays for hitting snooze on investigation; Dating a no-no on employer phone, says FWC; and Hairdresser's evidence doesn't cut it.

"Appalling" dismissal fails small business code

A sales assistant summarily dismissed for alleged theft has been awarded nearly $30,000 after the Fair Work Commission found no justification for her employer's "inexcusable" behaviour in sacking her and reporting her to the police.