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Woolies underpayment cases rumble on despite $50m payment

Woolworths says settling a class action it dismissed as "without merit" will ensure its approach to repaying thousands of salaried managers can be "appropriately addressed" via an FWO Federal Court case, but it will first pay affected staff a further $50 million.

FWC approves use of failed bullying case material in court matter

A FWC presidential member has over the objections of an ASX-listed company permitted a portfolio manager to use confidential material from his failed bullying matter in a Federal Court adverse action case brought against his former employer.

Stand downs shifted COVID-19 economic risks to workers: Paper

The Fair Work Act's stand down provisions enabled employers to shift the pandemic's economic risks to employees, according to new analysis by IR law experts Anthony Forsyth and Andrew Stewart, who also say legal uncertainty about the provisions could imperil the stand down strategies used by companies such as Qantas as business gradually resumes.

FWC opens consultations on anti-harassment regime

The FWC has today launched a consultation process for its new anti-s-xual-harassment jurisdiction, which starts operating from November 11, while it has also published a benchbook on the regime.

Worker reinstated after employer's "grossly disproportionate" action

The FWC has ordered NSW Trains to reinstate a health and safety representative who told his supervisor to "get f-cked" and said he was trying hard not to punch him in the face, while it has pilloried the employer for adopting a "grossly disproportionate" approach to his outburst after ignoring his concerns.

Boris on wages; Ridd ruling next week; & more

UK "shifting to high-wage model"; Ridd ruling next week; Vines, Cash, Burke headline McCallum lecture; and PC running forum on WFH on Wednesday.

Rapid FWC response crucial in COVID-19 survival strategy: Paper

Australia had less need than other countries to turn to legislation to provide short-term workplace flexibility in response to COVID-19 because of "swift" and "bold" yet self-restrained interventions by the FWC, according to new research.

RFS told to reconsider stressed veteran's leave request

A tribunal has ordered the NSW Rural Fire Service to revisit its rejection of a senior manager's request for a year's leave to recover from the devastating 2019-20 bushfire season, while acknowledging concerns about a leadership void for the approaching summer and urging it to extend its search for a temporary replacement.