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Federal Court penalties review at least 10 weeks away

The Federal Court has expedited the union application to quash the Fair Work Commission's cuts to penalty rates, but a three-day hearing will nevertheless start no earlier than September 18.

Court asked to review actions against nuclear safety authority chief

The chief inspector of the Federal Government's radiation and nuclear safety authority is calling on the Federal Court to conduct a judicial review of employment processes and decisions regarding alleged misconduct, as he prepares for mediation ahead of a hearing in October.

Employers step up campaign to quash FWC bench decision on BOOT

Queensland employers facing millions of dollars in backpay claims are calling on the Federal Court to quash an FWC full bench decision that apprentices' pay should be measured against the more generous federal award rather than the state award when conducting the BOOT.

AWU fails in bid to dismiss coercion case

The AWU has failed in a bid to have the Federal Court summarily dismiss an FWO action claiming it took adverse action against two of its members who refused to take industrial action during bargaining with Orica.