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FWC rejects union organiser's bid for reinstatement

The FWC has upheld the sacking of NUW NSW organiser Nick Belan over admissions to the Heydon Royal Commission he misused his union credit card, slamming his "complete disregard" for his duty.

Bill tougher on unions than Corporations Act on employers: McManus

ACTU secretary Sally McManus told a hearing in Melbourne today that the Federal Government’s "ensuring integrity" legislation would impose harsher standards and punishments on unions and their officials than the Corporations Act does to employers.

Xenophon will not support Government "sympathy strike" Bill

The Coalition's legislation that would raise maximum fines from $750.000 to $10 million for secondary boycotts is no certainty to become law after Nick Xenophon Team senators joined the Greens and Labor to declare it would not support it.

Unions question claims on merger public interest test

The ACTU has taken aim at the proposed public interest test for union amalgamations, saying there is no basis for the Turnbull Government's claim that it is the equivalent of the competition test for corporate mergers.

ROC amends case against TWU after disk discovery

The ROC has updated its Federal Court claims against the TWU after the union found a back-up of its Queensland membership database it said was lost when the outgoing state secretary made all the branch's employees redundant in 2010, but the watchdog says it lacks vital information about who could vote.