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FWC asks who'd foot the bill for pandemic allowance

An FWC full bench has asked the Morrison Government whether it will boost funding to compensate employers if it grants a contested $5-an-hour COVID-19 allowance claim for disability workers attending to self-isolated and quarantining clients.

Push-back over proposed COVID-19 award changes

RAFFWU is moving quickly to object to expedited employer-proposed, ACTU-supported COVID-19 variations to the Fast Food Award, applying to businesses not qualifying for the JobKeeper scheme and workers who fall through the cracks.

UK minimum hits 60% of median on Tories' watch

As some employers suggest that FWC's minimum wage panel might need to freeze or cut minimum pay due to the coronavirus crisis, the UK has lifted its wage floor to 60% of the median.

Lack of employer consent to slow PPL case

Employers intend to mount a "material" case in opposition to the union bid for health and community workers to receive paid leave if they are required to self-isolate during the coronavirus pandemic.

Disability workers seek $5-an-hour pandemic allowance

Three unions and an employer group have applied to introduce a temporary hourly allowance of almost $5 an hour for disability workers to compensate the sector's low-paid workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stood down workers seek clarity on leave entitlements

A Federal Court judge has promised today to rule swiftly on whether Qantas employees stood down due to the coronavirus pandemic can access paid personal (sick) leave, carers' leave and compassionate leave.

ACTU seeking COVID-19 occupational disease declaration

An FWU conference convened this afternoon to consider granting paid pandemic leave to vulnerable workers heard that the ACTU has asked Comcare and state-based workcover schemes to declare COVID-19 an occupational disease within the health industry.